Best Assault Rifle in Fornite Ch 4 Season 3

Pub Date: 6/27/2023

Author: littlegreendude360

Word Count: 978

The MK Run-down

Today we are calling out the best assault rifle in chapter 4 season 3 of Fortnite. I'm about to show you some assault rifle tricks that you've never heard before you're about to step up your assault rifle gameplay big time.

Rarity Matters

Now to start off I just want to say that Rarity of the current assault rifles matters more than it ever did in the past. this is because every assault rifle right now is fast firing and has much better recoil at the higher Rarities allowing you to shoot faster with less recoil kick and Bloom.


When it comes to recoil I have a little secret trick for you and I'm honestly a little hesitant to share it because it works so well with all assault rifles in the current Fortnite season. All A.R.'s have a maximum vertical recoil limit. Meaning that The Recoil of the gun will reach a certain height and then stop moving upward anymore. So, if you're having a hard time controlling recoil, especially at long ranges the trick is to begin firing at their feet and let the gun naturally climb up to their chest or their head that way you can just lay down on the trigger and never have to fight The Recoil it just climbs to their chest and stays there for the rest of the magazine. then you just have to aim left or right it's extremely effective at medium to medium long ranges and even long ranges with high Rarity MK assault rifles now the lower Rarity of the gun the lower you'll have to aim at their body for instance with a gray version of the MK assault rifle you have to aim at their feet from far away but with the Mythic version you only have to aim at their thighs. if you're really far away you'll need to aim pretty far below their actual character but once it kicks up to their body it's locked in.

The second way to control recoil at long range is to just tap fire these fast firing weapons one bullet at a time this controls the prequel much better and keeps the gun from climbing so much. you'll still have to fight it a bit by pulling down on your aim but it's much easier to control than firing fast or full auto. You can also combine both of these methods for the most effective recoil control. So just aim toward your enemies thighs and tap the trigger, and in most cases, it's going to provide the most consistent recoil. But oftentimes you'll find that aiming really low and going full auto is actually a much more effective way to use the weapon at medium, to medium long range.

What I just gave you right there is going to make most of you 50 percent more effective with any assault rifle! But we're not done yet.


To compliment my MK Assault Rifle loadout, I also will typically carry a Havoc pump shotgun and a flapjack for cleanup. I'll talk about this more in an upcoming post to explain why carry the flapjack instead of an SMG or pistol. I also want to state that the only rifle that is consistent and very effective past 100 meters is the MK assault rifle all the other rifles are best used up to about 60 meters away which is considered medium to medium long range.

Breaking It Down

Let's take it further and break down the MK Alpha assault rifle. because it's by far the most consistent and effective weapon in the hands of a good player. the MK assault rifle has nearly no damage fall off at any range. So, it can be used in very long range engagements. it has about a 33 headshot multiplier when compared to a body shot. the problem with this weapon at long range is the vertical recoil. As stated before, the trick to countering the recoil is by either starting low on the body and tap firing the weapon or aiming well below the enemy character and firing full auto. the higher the Rarity of this gun the much better the recoil gets. In other words, higher rarity equals LESS recoil. If you have a gray version of this gun, it's very difficult to use at longer ranges but the Mythic version of this gun has very good recoil and you can actually burst fire it at long ranges to melt your enemies. while the MK Epic has very little damage fall off and it's effective at very long ranges. It's really most effective within 100 meters of an enemy. The Recoil is easily controlled within 50 meters of an enemy. once you get past the 100-meter mark You're going struggle a little bit to eliminate your enemies in a single clip. therefore, you should definitely be strategic about your reloads at longer ranges with this gun. If you have an enemy hurt already and they aren't in sight, you should reload the MK to be ready to finish them off in a single clip. I also recommend The Reckless reload augment which makes assault rifles reload significantly faster on an empty magazine. You always want to keep this weapon as loaded as possible in Long Range fights because of how often you'll get someone nearly dead and then run out of ammo in the magazine.

All right I hope this info helped convince you that the MK is the best assault rifle of this season. What ranges it works best from and how to better handle the recoil issue. Mastering this will give you a big Advantage but at the end of the day you need to be able to aim well at longer ranges.