Fortnite Guardian Shield

Pub Date: 1/10/2023

Author: littlegreendude360

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Fortnite Guardian Shield

Epic Games has included a few additional adjustments to the January 2023 Fortnite update, including the elimination of numerous Christmas-themed items. The Guardian Shield is one brand-new element that, when properly utilized, provides a new level of strategy. Players are encouraged to try out this new item because it is connected to a number of in-game tasks. How does the Guardian Shield function and where can you find it?

Unfortunately, there is no way to ensure that you will receive a Guardian Shield because they drop randomly from chests all around the battlefield. In light of this, we advise going to busy locations with many of chests, ideally places with Oathbound Chests. Large white chests like this can be found in major hubs like The Citadel that aren't covered in snow and hold rarer loot.

Despite not being the simplest to find, locating Oathbound chests is made much easier thanks to a simple method. Most frequently, they spawn near POIs in the autumnal region to the west of the map, which during this time of year can be claimed by spending roughly a minute close to the flag. This is risky because it will put a target on your back and leave you exposed, but if you succeed, every chest in the vicinity will be illuminated, allowing you to see it through barriers.

The Oathbound chests stand out from conventional ones because they have a white body with gold accents, making them difficult to ignore. When you loot them, you'll receive more resources than usual and an opportunity to obtain the Guardian Shield. It's important to keep in mind that finding one is not guaranteed, therefore it can take a few chests.

However, regular chests also include Guardian Shields. The Guardian Shield can also be found in other places, though we had success locating them at Lonely Labs. Additionally, you can take one from defeated foes.

The Guardian Shield itself is connected to a few mechanics. The simplest function lets you use the right trigger to deflect enemy gunfire, grenades, and rockets. As indicated by a green bar to the right of the item's icon in your list of items, blocking does consume the shield's energy. You should be conscious of the fact that it recharges as you utilize it.

The item can also be dropped to create a stationary barrier that will do a far better job of deflecting incoming fire. Also, don't forget to pick it up after you're done.