*Rumor* Doctor Who coming to Fortnite

Pub Date: 4/17/2023

Author: littlegreendude360

Word Count: 299

Video Games

Is a Fortnite crossover with Doctor Who in the works?

Twitter user iFireMonkey, who has a history of successfully foreseeing Fortnite upgrades, revealed what he knows about reports of a Doctor Who crossover in the Battle royale in a tweet that he made over the weekend (April 15).

The data miner revealed that according to what they "know", the crossover will feature a two-week event and give players free goodies in exchange for fulfilling objectives.

In addition to the free "Beep the Meep" spray, the Doctor Who event is rumored to offer two skins, two cosmetic picks, a glider skin, and an emotion to the Fortnite retail store. In the Doctor Who comic book series, Beep the Meep has long been the antagonist, and later this year, the extraterrestrial will make his live-action film debut.

The crossover, according to iFiremonkey, is "most likely scheduled for November" in order to coincide with Beep the Meep's premiere and the show's 60th anniversary. They also released a TARDIS skin page that makes it appear as though the show's UNIT faction will be covering the story.

A new map will be released alongside this event, they added, and they hinted that the crossover will be implemented similarly to the previous Fortnite "Most Wanted" and "Dragon Pearl" events.

It won't be the first time Doctor Who has appeared in Fortnite if these reports are true. Players were given the responsibility of fixing the TARDIS while evading aliens in Fortnite's creative mode map last year, which was inspired by the science fiction program.

When the Fortnite crossover first appeared, Matt Way, worldwide director of games and interactive at BBC Studios, called it "a great opportunity to introduce the gaming audience to Doctor Who."

In terms of the TV program's future, "Sex Education" star Nkuti Gatwa will appear this year as the 14th Doctor.