Fortnite Chapter 4 - Don'ts

Pub Date: 1/26/2023

Author: littlegreendude360

Word Count: 2921

Hello there, Fortniters. In today's post, I'll go over mistakes that could cost you Games in Fortnite Chapter 4. Typically, I discuss things you should be doing or things I believe are good to do. In this post, I'll discuss things that are bad and that you probably don't want to do. And if you find yourself doing several of these things or many things over the course of playing Fortnite just fixing some of these mistakes could go a long way in helping you win more in Fortnite chapter 4. As always, if you enjoyed this post and found it useful and informative, please remember to like and subscribe. If you want to see more, please leave a comment below stating which mistake you believe has cost you the most games in Fortnite thus far.

The Shockwave Hammer

The first mistake I'm going to discuss is something that I believe many players may not consider a mistake because they see it as something beyond their control, and that is not receiving a hammer or a Shockwave bow. The Shockwave Hammer appears all over the map. You can obtain it simply by looting chests or by capturing points of interest. It can be obtained from oathbound chests as well as supply drops. There is also an NPC near the map's center who sells the hammer. The shockwave hammer can be obtained in a variety of ways. The most common way for many players to obtain it is to land in an area with an oath-bound chest. The Shockwave bow can be obtained through a random augment or through persistent re-rolls, which can quickly deplete your gold supply.

Finding The Hammer

When I've mentioned this to players, they've all said no way. I'm just unlucky, so I don't have the hammer, but if you find yourself playing a lot of games and you don't have a hammer, you're either not exposing yourself to enough loot, you're not landing in an area with oath-bound chests, or you're not landing close enough to where the Shockwave Hammer NPC is. There are things you can do in either case. You have some control over certain aspects of your life. This can lessen the impact on your game. If you're having trouble getting it, try switching up your drop location. figuring out where some of the oath-bound chests are. where the NPCs who sell it are. I'll include a link in the description below where you can view the map. It will be the location of all chests, including the oathbound chests. You can see what all of the NPCs sell and where they spawn on the map. If you're landing in an area with no oathbound chests or simply not enough loot, changing your landing location could help you fare much better in chapter four. Because this season is very Mobility Centric, you can win games without the hammer, but having the hammer or the Shockwave bow in your inventory makes the game so much easier. Speaking of mobility, I believe another major mistake that many players make. When playing the game, I've seen players make mistakes against me. Is jumping on someone without first tagging them. If they simply see me running or something and then Hammer onto me without taking any early damage or knowing anything about my situation. It's one thing if you just saw this person fight someone and are going to the third party. It's a little different because you can assume that players are weak at that point, but if you have a full HP opponent and you're at full HP, you want those early AR tags. With the red eye assault rifle, which hits for 30 to 40 body shots and up to 60 damage to the head, just a few of those tags can make the fight much easier. Even if you get first shot on someone, I don't think launching on someone is a good idea this season due to how hard shotguns hit. Even the basic grey Thunder shotgun can deal 170 damage. Unless you have that early damage going into the fight, it's pretty difficult to win fights this season without taking a lot of damage. It simply makes the opponent's life easier; in general, you want to have early tags on the opponent in most fights. It simplifies your life and makes it easier to end the fight quickly.

End Fights Quickly

This is the next error I expect to see a lot of players make. They don't put an end to fights quickly enough. This is especially damaging given the first point I made about how Mobility Centric this season is. This chapter's map is actually much smaller than previous Fortnite maps. This season, getting third-partied is very common and simple. if you are consistently allowing fights to drag on. Slow them down as much as possible. Not capitalizing and being decisive on the early damage. Allowing the fight to drag on will only increase your chances of being third-partied. I mentioned earlier how hard these weapons hit, and how getting third partied can easily end your game. Anyone who plays knows how aggravating it is to be third-partied.

Learn The Map

The following error is more of a ‘since we're on the new map’ type of error. My observation of many players in the past is that they do not learn multiple points of interest. The map is new, and this is simply my opinion. I get the impression that you want to try out and learn as much as possible. I have a feeling that the points of interest you learn early in the chapter will be the places you land for the rest of the chapter. I never actually went to Bugle, Condo Canyon, or Log Jam in the previous chapter. because I didn't go to those places early in the chapter, I just never learned about them and never went to them. I believe you should try out as many points of interest as possible to see which ones you like and dislike. Try to like as many of them as possible because I believe that having multiple drop spots makes the game a lot more enjoyable. I believe this was a huge mistake I made in chapter two, where I simply didn't learn enough of the points of interest early on and developed the habit of never going there. That just made me dislike the map even more over time.

Use The Shotty

The next common error I've observed is that people avoid using the Thunder pumps. Because of how good these high-fire rate shotguns were in the last chapter, especially for zero builds, many players just ran the auto shotty or drum shotty the entire time it was in the game. This season seems to favor pumps, as evidenced by a comparison of the Thunder pump and the Maven shotgun at this point in the season. The Thunder pump is a much better shotgun; the white one can hit for 170 upwards, while the gold one can hit for 195. The biggest criticism I've seen players make of this weapon whenever I've mentioned it, as they leave comments on my posts, is how slow it shoots. That seems like a clear misunderstanding of how you're supposed to use this weapon. Typically, especially in zero builds, you want to pump switch to your spray weapon, spray out a few shots, and then switch back to the pump. If you find yourself pumping and then sitting there staring at your opponent while they shoot you during your pump animation, you're doing it incorrectly. The only time I wouldn't switch weapons is if I was peeking from cover and just kind of throwing shots out there. Perhaps I was like jiggle peeking over a mountain, looking down on someone. If you live on a hill, you may not need to swap, but that is the situation I described. If you find yourself pumping while sitting there looking at your opponent while your character does the pump animation and then waiting for that second shot, you are not using the pump shotgun correctly. Based on the comments I've received whenever I've discussed this, I believe that is exactly what some people are doing. You want to use your spray weapon to fill the time between pump shots. Switching back to the shotgun maximizes your damage output in a fight. You want to build immediately after shooting your shotgun or edit on someone else's shoot and then reset the edits in build mode. During the pump animation, you don't want to just sit there and stare at them. Another thing I've started to do is that when someone tries to hammer onto you, you should hammer off to the side or just away from them to cover because a lot of people will go and then hammer on to you and try to melee you with their hammer, making the situation very dangerous. because you take a lot of damage and then get thrown somewhere. Personally, I believe that if someone tries to hammer you or just barrel stuff you in some way, Hammer off to the side. If you don't give them the engagement they crave, you'll get more shots on them and play safer in the long run. When the nimbus cloud was in the game, if someone tried to Nimbus onto me, I would simply Shockwave away or Nimbus myself, and countering their Mobility with your Mobility often puts them in an awkward position. They are unsure of what they want to do at that time.

Don't Just Stand There

Another common mistake I see players make is simply standing there and fighting. They aren't difficult to fight. If you find yourself standing in the open with no cover, not strafing from side to side, and not Crouch spamming. You're making yourself an easy target for opponents. You want to make fighting as difficult as possible for the opposing players. When you fight someone and find it difficult to hit them, or if they're strafing you, their character becomes difficult to track. Try to figure out how you can do something similar. Hitting your Crouch button repeatedly can also help with this type of thing. like kind of close to medium-range spray fights. Jumping is also used in shotgun fights. Just try to incorporate and emulate whatever you find difficult to deal with into your own play style. That, I believe, is a significant difference between below-average and average players. How they approach fights. People who aren't completely comfortable with the game tend to just stand there. You want to make yourself extremely difficult to fight. In a fight, how you move and throw off your opponent's aim is almost as important as the damage you do to them.

Don't Be A Squirrel

Another issue that newer players face is a lack of decisiveness. There are certainly right and wrong plays in this game. It doesn't really matter if you make the right play but don't commit to it right away. The play you commit to and whatever you decide to do are far superior to half-doing several different decisions. I feel like being decisive is crucial in every post game I've played, and even if you make the wrong play, if you commit to it well enough, it can sometimes work out. At the end of the day, Fortnite isn't the most difficult game to play strategically, but there is a lot of mechanical skill involved, and with things like the Shockwave hammer and the Shockwave bow, good positioning doesn't really matter all that much. It is very simple to force people out of certain areas or to close the gap between people. I believe that being decisive is extremely important.

Use Your Heals

Another minor issue that can have a significant impact is people not healing during the fight. I've made this mistake myself on occasion, and I'm sure I have in the past. They refuse to use their heals until the fight is over. If you have time to heal during a fight, it will not only give you more HP, which is good because you will be less likely to die, but it will also throw your opponent off. If you and your opponent trade AR tags but you have chug splashes or Shield fish in your inventory and you can heal quickly without wasting time. This gives you a significant advantage in the fight. They don't have the luxury of popping the heels in the middle of a fight if they're carrying something like big pots, which is why fast heels are so important in this game so you can get them off in a fight without really losing much pressure. Killing during the fight is another factor that I believe distinguishes below-average or average players from those who are more successful. In-game healing during a fight, if you have fast heals and the time, can mean the difference between winning and losing a game.

Oh No! Run away

Another issue that I believe newer players struggle with is people who become nervous during a fight. They struggle because the moment they see someone, they panic. Sometimes you just have to shoot if you and an opponent see each other at the same time, but if you happen upon someone who doesn't know you're there and they're about to walk into an open area, you should let them walk into that open area before you start shooting. Maybe they stop to loot something or to heal themselves. if they're going to make themselves a more difficult target for you. and they have no idea you're there. You'd be better off waiting for them to do it. This is also very useful in Team game modes because if you and your teammates count down like three two one on who you're going to shoot and then you all beam the same person, you can get that kill super quickly. This is something that more experienced teams do. It's much easier to play a fight when you already have a numerical advantage.

Blood In The Water

Another common mistake I see (and make) is people becoming too focused on a Kill. chasing too hard. when you cause harm to someone and are only concerned with that person. You lose sight of your surroundings. If you get someone and break their shield and then they're just full hammering away, which is going to happen a lot this season because of how common the Shockwave Hammer is. You want that kill so badly that you end up Hammer chasing them into a situation where you have no idea what's going on. I do this quite frequently because I really want that kill. Because you're chasing them into a situation where you have no idea what you're pushing into, they're likely to get into a bush or off to a strange angle and try to inflict damage on you. If you do end up chasing them down and killing them, you will have used your Hammer charges, making you more vulnerable to third parties. Because of the mobility and smaller map, the season is very third-party centric. It's common for people to prolong fights by fleeing with the hammer, but more often than not, it's better to just let that person go and avoid potentially being third-party charged with no hammer.

No Fight No Win

Finally, I know a lot of players in this game and every Battle Royale make the mistake of not fighting other players because they really want to win. Obviously, if all you want to do is win, playing Super passive makes it easier. However, if you do not gain fighting experience, it will be difficult for you to improve in game and begin to win more frequently. Especially since I believe that a lot of players who don't fight and aren't experienced fighting get extremely nervous during a fight. When you're already in-game, most people are going to be nervous, and if you're nervous in-game and fighting the last player, things aren't going to go well. It's simply not a recipe for success. If you get into a lot of fights and become comfortable fighting, the game becomes much easier. In these situations, you won't be panicking as much, and you won't be as overwhelmed. It will be much easier for you to concentrate on the fight. To complete the task at hand and win. I recommend playing a little more aggressively. If you find yourself playing Super passive, you can try a variety of creative Deathmatch modes in which you can fight. Creative practice is a great way to get in a lot of reps in a short amount of time. The best way to improve and get comfortable fighting in Fortnite is to be creative. Another method I've found useful is to increase your aggression when friends join you. Instead of quitting the game when they join to play duos, trios, or squads, try to get yourself killed. Be the third component we discussed. Run in the direction of the gunfire. Participate in several fights. This forces you to react while also entertaining your friends. And I'm sure they're always open to constructive criticism.

That concludes this post. I hope you found it useful and interesting. If you did, please register/subscribe and let me know in the comments below which Fortnite Chapter 4 mistake you've been making the most.