Fortnite Chapter 4 NPC Locations and Loot

Pub Date: 1/26/2023

Author: littlegreendude360

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There are many new faces you'll need to get to know scattered out among their various locales because the list of Fortnite characters you can encounter has undergone a significant makeover for Chapter 4. Only Evie and a frozen version of restaurant owner Fishstick are back from earlier iterations, despite other Fortnite NPCs like Sunflower, Omega Knight, and Wild Card have all appeared at least once previously. Thanks to the debut of Renegade Shadow, another gun for hire who can offer backup, up in Woodsy Ward, we've now reached a total of 17. Getting to know their whereabouts may help you in the future because particular NPCs may be needed for certain missions to advance or there may be a certain weapon you need to acquire.

Many of the Fortnite characters you'll run into will sell you guns and other valuable stuff, but there are other choices if you want to buy an exotic weapon from a particular character. Evie at Shore Shack, Frozen Fishstick by Icy Islets, Princess Felicity Fish in Western Watch, Sunflower at Frenzy Fields, Surrr Burger in Anvil Square, and Wild Card at one of their three sites all sell such sought-after shooters.

You may bring goods from a distance to you and search the area for opponents using the Fortnite Falcon Scout.

Despite the fact that characters are no longer in charge of dispensing Fortnite quests, it still pays to be aware of their whereabouts because they'll give you useful items for free when you meet them. They may also offer to sell you services like predicting the next storm circle so you know where to go next in safety or fighting alongside you as your personal bodyguard. You'll need to know where to find these 17 different NPCs if you want to take use of their skills.

Characters from Fortnite accept Fortnite gold bars as payment, which you can use to buy them weapons, accessories, and practical information. Due to the size of the Fortnite environment, you might not accidentally run into them, so use our guide to all of the Fortnite character locations and you'll soon be meeting up with these elusive NPCs.

There are presently 17 Fortnite characters to locate on the island, and the Collections tab on the Quests page lets you keep track of the ones you've already encountered. With the exception of Joni The Red and Wild Card, who only spawn in two distinct spots each, making them easier to locate, we've identified all of the Fortnite characters locations we've encountered on the map. Remember that if they have already been hired or killed by another player, they will no longer be in that location.

You can tell when you're close to one by the speech bubble icon that appears on your map and on your screen, which can be seen through walls, above their head. For characters you can hire to fight by your side, this speech bubble icon is replaced by a particular Hire icon. When you interact with them for the first time, you'll add them to your Collection and receive a screen confirmation. The following is a list of every Fortnite character's locations:
Name LocationHirableOptions
AuraIn the northernmost region of the island Y Chug Splash and Hire
EvieIn a blue house south of Shattered Slabs N Shadow Tracker and Rift
Frozen FishstickAt the top of the lake west of Brutal Bastion N Shield Key and Chili Chug Splash
Frozen Red KnightBrutal Bastion Y Firefly Jar and Hire
Omega KnightIn a village southwest of Slappy Shores N Port-A-Bunker and Shockwave Hammer
Princess Felicity FishIn a castle southwest of The Citadel N Grappler Bow and Tip Bus Driver
Raptorian The BraveIn a clearing south of Anvil Square Y Primal Flame Bow and Hire
Neymar Jr.On a soccer field in the northeast of Slappy Shores N Slap Juice and Patch Up
Scrapknight JulesFaulty Splits N Launchpad and Rocket Launcher
HelsieNorthwest of Faulty Splits Y Thunder Shotgun and Hire
Joni The RedIn a barn southwest of Frenzy Fields Y Red-Ey Assault Rifle and Hire
SnowheartIn a snow-covered cave east of Breakwater Bay N Primal Stink Bow and Storm Forecast
Surrr BurgerAnvil Square N The Dub and Prop Disguise
Wild CardShattered Slabs N Unstable Bow and Excaliber Rifle
Diamond Diva In Meadow Mansion Y Maven Auto Ahotgun & Hire
Renegade Shadow Just south of Woodsy WardY Heavy Shotgun & Hire
The AgelessThe Citadel (hostile boss NPC) N The Ageless Champion Ex-Caliber Rifle and Shockwave Hammer