Loved and hated Fortnite Shockwave Hammer

Pub Date: 1/10/2023

Author: littlegreendude360

Word Count: 374

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The much loved and much hated Fortnite Shockwave Hammer was temporarily disabled.

For the time being, Epic Games has temporarily taken the contentious Shockwave Hammer out of Fortnite. After learning that the hammer was responsible for a number of in-game glitches as well as a game-breaking bug, the developers deleted it. Intense debates on the Shockwave Hammer's usefulness have also broken out in the Fortnite community, with many players voicing their opinions.

The Fortnite community has a huge player base and has been quite active. Any additions, removals, or changes made to the game by Epic Games are eagerly anticipated by many gamers. Fortnite players have recently been extremely vocal about demanding the developers to completely eliminate the Shockwave Hammer. Unsurprisingly, the flaw has already been used extensively by many people. Because of this, Epic felt compelled to take action and temporarily remove the weapon.

The Shockwave Hammer has been a topic of discussion ever since it made its debut due to its potent and destructive assaults and the unrestricted mobility it offers users. Recently, users were able to bounce endlessly because to a problem that was found by players. So, to deal with the shockwave hammer, players might employ a slam blow in the air. In addition, even when not wielding the hammer, the players may maintain the shockwave effect. The designers decided it was vital to take measures to prevent teams from bouncing over the region and seriously harming everyone nearby. For the time being, the Shockwave Hammer is no longer available. The Shockwave Hammer has been officially taken out of all Fortnite playlists by Epic Games.

The loss of the Shockwave Hammer is just temporary, according to the tweet from the Fortnite Status Twitter account. Epic intends to re-add it to the game after the developers fix the issue. The developers want to re-enable the hammer in the upcoming version, according to the tweet. The precise date and length of time needed to fix the problem were not specified in the tweet, though. Updates from Epic Games typically go live on Tuesdays. As a result, anticipate it will make a comeback on January 17 or January 24.

***UPDATE*** Hammer is back in action. It was removed from the game for very short period of time.